Tuesday, November 03, 2009

So I step out of the shower and looked myself in the mirror. I'm still a little drippy as you can imagine and as I towel off I look at my shoulders and wonder to myself what they carry (figuratively of course).

Do big ambitions and more specifically mine equate to guaranteed success. I see classmates and friends who are so absolutely hungry for the career, hungry for the success. Here is my question, does desire in its varying levels determine the resultant level of success?

The two sides of the coin presented are that

1.) On many occasions it falls back to purely having proper business sense peppered with the right luck at the right time.


2.) The foundation on the flip side being that "Necessity is the mother of invention", and that "A dog is most dangerous when backed in a corner." You get what I'm getting at.

I myself like to take the stand that on some cosmic level it will all unfold as it was written. But then again it could just be the voices in my head masked by insecurities telling me that since I am too afraid to try and fail that I should leave it in the hands of a "so-called" Higher Power. So having isolated the thoughts, we proceed to the all important "Where do we go from here?". Thoughts examined and not acted upon are worth little more than a hand-full of beans, but i need to clarify these thoughts. Deep seeded insecurity? or Lack of Motivation?

Contemplation shall tell all..