Thursday, October 12, 2006

Living on a Prayer..

Hello Cyberspace.. Its 4.11Am.. n well..
i've been really grudging to blog recently..
not cuz of work hours or cuz i'm tired of it..
but.. strangest thing.. there's so much going on in my head..
little flashes of brilliance or idiocy.. i got both you see..
that.. well.. its so confusing.. and i don't wanna get into it..
its not BAD stuff or GOOD stuff in particular.. just.. STUFF.. = )

Should i blog something meaningful for example..?
cuz god knows it'll REACH the masses.. including me.. that makes.. um..
hmm.. plus 1... carry the 4..


Haha.. i COULD make a statement about moral standpoints and views..
or how i can't stand ah lians.. or the haze..
but Nahhh.. who wants to hear that.. love you guys~