Thursday, March 16, 2006

Something is missing eh..?

Shhushhh.. Something is missing.. deep inside..
Sparks flying.. that lil kick..
its totally out of my system now..
the.. *Ahem*.. killer instinct.. its gonE..

anyone know what i'm talking about at all..??
I lost my game.. Uhhhhhhuh..
keepin in check...

Ugh god... what a rubbish post.. its just something on my mind..
i'm offically the settled down man.. Any inclination to flirting is just..
NOt there.. what has become of me.. Uggghhhh..
Night Everybody~~!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Song To say Goodbye..

Good evening ladies.. gentlemen..
I Do apologise for my long abscence..
honestly, i've been meaning to post..
but something always comes up..
and it just slips my mind..

Since this IS my space..
i'll babble.. doodle and whatever funny word
i choose to do or make up..
On block leave now.. going back to camp tmr actually..
strangly.. i think i might enjoy work too much..?
its just abit of dad rubbing off on me..
escaping from reality by working..
back outfield tmr.. = ) actually looking forward to it..

Ooh.. just for your info...
for those who are THINKING of watching underworld..?
Don't.. its just lacking in storyline.. and much else..
only plus point being kate in her undoubtedly sexy cat suit..
Sweet heavens is she hot..~
and there's a little sex scene for you pervs out there..
bottom line.. time can be better spent elsewhere..

Been bumming around the last couple of days..
spending alot of time watching anime on the com..
those i watched when i was younger.. that actually make sense now..
haha.. and spending alot of time with my dear sarah..
she's my guitar for those who may be unfamiliar..
we've gotten better.. closer..

Ahhh.. and went liquid room on sat..
it was just packed... saw many familair faces..
drank my liver cold.. its gonna kick me sometime in the future..
i just know it..

mmmM... and i got the tickets to
the MTv fashionably loud show.. with placebo performing~
thanks to my dear brother who won the tickets..
its friggin invite only... that will be pretty damn sweet...

frame your mind..
to frame of mind..