Friday, January 09, 2009

I think now is an appropriate time for a post.
what about, i'm not too sure. So lets start with
the recent going ons in my life.

School is about to start and i'll still be working
part time at bar none. And giving tuition to
Brian on Wednesdays. Gotta pay the bills if you
know what i mean.

Although late, i've made my appeal to finish my
final semester at buffalo. *fingers crossed*

I've just got back from a 10 day long trip to
Taiwan with the family. Which was somewhat
tedious as mom wanted to spend more time
traveling up and down the country to see
natural scenery whilst i wanted to spend
my time shopping, drinking and stuffing my face,
All at the same time if possible. But with all
trips, it is a good getaway from the daily
monotony and grind, so i shalt not complain.

Now on to the deep stuff.
Ken quoted something we once saw in a tv show.
Its a dash crude so i'll put it nicely. It is about
taking your man or women idol off the pedestal.
To often we put the ones we long for on a high
pedestal. Wondering how perfect it would be if..
how great, funny or intelligent he or she is.. and
how nobody else compares.. It resonated in me,
and if you are going through that, then i should in
you too. the reality of the situation is that we need
to not be hung up over losses in love. i know i have
been in the past and i still am, so i know what it
fells like. Do whatever it takes, cuz the world still
goes on.