Sunday, April 25, 2010

Today i can't seem to get my words out right, to flow as they should, to carry the intentions they mean. It never fails to sidewind me and knock me back a few paces. Without going too deep into it all, let me just say, "Happy Birthday boy, a quarter century in and the time is now. So look forward to the future."

Today I step back and give thanks. Every bone and muscle, cell and fiber, a part of you. For all you have given to me and this family. I wonder if me, the son who fell furthest from the tree, who made you worry the most, and who seemed the most distant, is the one who holds on the dearest.

Did the fact that it fell so close to my birthday scar me..? Maybe, but it isn't anyone's fault. :)

It doesn't matter though. You will always, always, have that spot in my heart. Happy Anniversary Dad.