Sunday, May 02, 2004

Where Do i Stand...?

Moved away from here.. but its like i never left..
Changed the way i live.. new name.. new place..
New faces.. New town.. but its all still the same..
I feel just like i'm home again.. Standing awkard in the crowd..

Where do i stand.. i keep asking myself..
and the truth of the matter is..
i don't know.. but don't get me wrong..
i'm neither at a destination nor lost..

Never been here before.. the paths looks so foreign..
i wish i did know what to do.. how 2 feel.. where to be..
but the game has changed.. so i lay down my cards..
cuz there is no game to play this time..
packing my backpack.. i'll choose a path to walk thats mine..

The light at the end of the tunnel, the finish line, my goal..
it cannot be reached by walking alone..
it cannot be played.. planned.. unfaithful or untrue..
that last leap for the end.. and i'll finally be with you..

The one chance i took not long ago.. memory still so clear..
we crushed it like paper in our hands.. the edges torn and sheared..
i wonder if u walked away.. forever giving up..
cuz i think i didn't.. picked up the pieces.. kept them in my heart..

So where do i stand..?
Only one thing's for sure.
Is that the answer is not clear..
But through the through and by the by...
u know that i'll be here..

definatly not one of my better poems.. fine..
i think its not good at all.. but it came from a weird place..
and i just needed to get out..
i'm just not made to write about love and self discovery i guess..
*grin*.. anyway..had a lil to drink last night..
head's feeling a lil hungover..
gonna get some coffee..

*hope u understand..