Saturday, January 24, 2004

Reign of fire

the title..? has no damn significance AT at... i just like it...
its from a movie.. so firstly.. went to my grandmas place for
reunion lunch..which was prety good.. shashimi, pork rib, porridge
and fried gyoza.. good stuff.. and went to visit my moms side after..
my lil cuzzons are realli...nice.. energetic... BUT nice.. i like the youngest girl..
haha me and ken were playing pokemon on her gameboy advance...
(don't say anything~) and she came and sat on kens cute..

told my mom i was hanging out with the guys after and she
said she'd drop me off.. man i got my head bitten off on the ride there..
god knows why but she was real pissed.. complained complained..
and she took it out on me...
she even scolded me on drinking too much...
(which i dun exactly do but will contradict as u read on..haha)
anyway i got burned the whole ride to zacks house..
i dun blame her.. she's got alot on her mind...

Me, hui, zack, belle, joe, wilmer and dom chilled at zacks..
hui demonstrated his guitar prowess..(that bastard)
joe shared funny army stories..
i.. played with the dog... haha..
Dropped by trina hse... i just wanted to make
sure she's gettin beta.. yupz.. had a good chat..= )
went back and my bro and katch were hanging at
the bojangles bar opposite my hse..
and well... i coulden't help myself.. ended up drinking abt 5 glasses..
ken had 3 glasses and he was really drunk..
luckily tris and sam were there to help me carry him home..
he coulden't even walk straight.. face was all red..
anyway all in all.. i suppose it was a good day..

"Set this place on fire..
watch the flames rise higher..
as they reach the ceiling..
that your feet are kneeling."
Mad at gravity.burn

Friday, January 23, 2004

Grab your chance..

Lemmie start by saying that... the title is a..
well feeling of the moment thing.. yah..(and i'm listening to hold on. GC)
so hold on to your pants.. here we go...
In the last couple of days.. a couple of significant things haf happened..
and they didn't register in me till a short while ago..
Its weird.. and i'm gonna link them to chances.. okay..?
so firstly.. like my mom broke down last night... and called me into the room.
probably cuz i'm the most human of the family...
and she missed my dad real bad.. can't sae i blame her...
if my bro or sis were there they'ed.. well handle it wrongly..
i mean .. yah.. i miss him too.. maybe not as much.. but i do..
she was so lonely.. wanted more close friends.. and i could relate..
i kinda told her the way i handles it.. cuz well
i'm the same way.. onli haf a handful of close frenx..
so i told her to put herself out there.. join a sport.. a club.. ANYTHING..
in a way there r So many chances.. but life isn't a game for the nimble hearted

when i skated todae.. hmmx.. i learned how to ATTACK the box..
normally i'm the kind who won't go too fast.. i mean i could hurt myself man~
But todae.. i decided to put that aside and go much faster..
i did 2 super sweet 50-50's cuz of that.. i guess.. in a way.. i'm not saying to be reckless..? yah but to skate with desire.. pushing myself..
i actualli told myself to kill the box man.. it felt REAL good...
last time i felt his was when i was still climbing in Maris stella..

okay... this one was about going back to cj..
the night before i went back.. i haf 2 admit i had serious second thoughts..
i had such perfect memories in my head.. and i didn't want to be disappointed..
but when i stepped into the foyer... they all melted away..
i felt.. well like home... the air.. the vibe... nothin had changed..
To think i was gonna sleep that away... silly me..
thanks VAn~ for asking me to go with you.. it RoCK3D~...

Haha.. okay this one is on a lighter note...AMERICAN IDOL~~..
haha u should haf seen the pple who tried out todae..
that lousy pakisiani guy and that sweet home alamaba guy.. man
like tris said.. sum pple realli don't get that they suck..
it was sad.. but i kinda admire those who tried out..
it takes guts to put yourself out there..
don't know if i would.. yah.. anyways..
what i'm tryin 2 sae in a nutshell is.. in the words of eminem..
'if you had one shot.. one opportunity.. would you take it?'

nites pple.. & ask your parents to send me ang pao..~
mail it to me oso can... = ) hahax..
i'll give you my address if u need iT~~!
Just kidding (no i'm not~!)..
take care and sleep tite pple..

"Exit light..~
enter night..~
take my hand..
off to never neverland.."
Metallica. enter sandman

Wednesday, January 21, 2004


Chinese new year is Here already??
Its sure came pretty fast this year..
well i can look forward to some cash.. haha
and a super nice dinner my grandma cooks..
(sumhow i'm the onli one in the family to appreciate it)
and maybe a lil drinking.. haha.. JUST a teenie tiny bit..


I went back to cj todae.. and hungout wit van, ras, menghui and aaron.. all the army boys.. the place was full of shaved heads. i felt so outta place haha..werid.
anyway.. when we were schooling
i used to spend my mornings at the grandstand alone..
just to clear my head.. and think..
and i went to do that todae..
it felt.. so.. right.. like second nature..
the fresh air.. the quiet dim sky..
i missed it.. saw mr kwan.. mr low.. miss saw..
but poor mr phay was recovering in the hospital..
i'm just glad he's getting better man..
such a great teacher.. and i wanted to set up ras with sum guy..
well i TRIED.. anyway i gtg for my dinner now~~

Hey~ i just got back from dinner..
and i got a bottle of bercardi rum..
a bottle of tequila... and a teenie bottle of xo..
haha.. yah and i just watched the tampa pro am 2003..
Its NutZ.. ~!
those guys are throwing down some of the sickest tricks
nollie overcrook... 360 flip boardslide.. 180 50-50 on a freakin rail..
k-flip smith.. Its fucking crazy man.. yah its ALL good..
espically after seeing that singapore skate video...
i mean... okay so we TRIED.. but can't compete man..
they win hands down..Okay going to meet the guys at
7-11 to hang out...okay i'm gonna say this..
and its probably the ten gazillionth time u heard it..
happy new year...

"4,5,6.. come'on and get your kicks
and you don't need your money
when you look like that do ya honey.."
Jet.Will you be my girl?

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Eh.. Stuff...
Yah i went to help out at my moms pre sch todae..
part time chef.. and well teacher.. haha
its was crazy.. chinese new year stuff half finished..
so i kinda helped in the decorations.. and the cute kiddies..
too bad kidnapping is a crime..
Yah came back and watched oprah...
they had this special on amazing kids..(1-12)
yah this 3 year old kid was damn pro at b-ball..~
Made 13 freakin shots in a row man...!
He's the next jordan man.. no shit..
and this other 7 year old kid was playing the banjo..
MY GOD~ his playing damn prO~~
He's like slash(guns and roses)
+kirk hammet(metallica)
+Joe Perry(aerosmith)
+Dave bakash(sum 41)
all in one man... its crazy..

okay... so i AM exaggerating but he's good...
REAL good...~
okay so these kids haf mastered the things i love..
and they are below 10...
i'm feeling SUPER pathetic man..
haha.. okay that aside..
new year is in the AIR~... i'm not realli into that kinda stuff,
but all my marist frenx sure are...(well ALMOST)
and they.. mssing the school.. kinda brougt it out in me..
i do miss sch.. i'm guessing much more than you'd think..
shall i...? do i realli want to go back?
i'm a lil bit... well freaked.. to say the least..

i guess its cuz... well so many pure good memories are there..
and i dun wanna go back and be disappointed..
*sigh* fine... yah i'm sappy... wadever...
i'm over thinking it..

"where will this end.. it goes on and on..over and over again.."
Lifehouse.sick cycle carousel

Monday, January 19, 2004

Ken got back from a course @ 4am last morning...
its crazy.. haha then he told my mom he din wanna go to sch and..
*PooF*.. his wish was granted..
Sweeet... that lucky bastard~
Dumbass slept the whole dae while i was suffering in class..
yah he is kinda preparing to be a course supervisor tmr..
U go Man..~! proud of Ya..

Hmmx.. had 2 realli weird dreams last night.
ken died.. and i was super sad.. cried like hell..
but he talked to me.. in some sorta angel form.
and asked me if i was ready to repent.. HahaX..
"i wonder what that could mean~~"
i'm such a good boy anyway..~
And the second part of my dream was weird too
i was playing in some amatuer basketball competition..
and issac was in my team.. and he asked me to lend my
Nike ShOx supremecy to belle... who was on the opposing team..~
Naturally i SAID no.. no offence belle.. but my shoes are my babies..
hahax.. yah.. man.. totally weird dreams..

yah pitter patter... its been raining all dae..
so din get to skate at all... and in actual fact..
i'm kinda relieved.. i just need a break from it man..
think i'll take up agressive inline man haha..
anyway its just one of those laid back daes..
when u just wanna do relaxing stuff..
may try writing a song later...
but i gotta get dinner first then

"You speak for all of us when u can't be heard.."

Oh.. oh.. yah i've been working on this since i left..
give it a taste and ur comments..

(1)I'm hanging on to this reality
Floating in a sea that seems so deep.
(2)Hanging and Floating... i just don't know..
these painful memories.. why won't they just go..
(1)The light at the end is so hard to see..
is there no one out there who understands me..
(2)At night i am lying awake in my bed..
All of these thoughts running through my head..

My Soul is broken, its so hard to mend..
Its so much easier when i just pretend..
All of these dreams i don't know what make..
Is it so wrong to be sleeping awake.

(1) Am, A flat, C (X2)
(2) Am, G, F, C (x2)
Yah thats it... well for now.. those who play guitar.. hope u like it..
those who don't.. well tough noogies.. haha.. nah.. imagine man..

"It has to start somewhere,
it has to start sumhow..
what better place than here,
what better time than now.."
Rage against the machine.Gurilla radio

Sunday, January 18, 2004

todae... just like any other dae... sorri i dun have anything more to put but.. i'm just not in the mood.. somethings amiss... out of place... well anyway.. e songs i learnt todae..

hold on by good charlotte.
special k, every me every you and the bitter end by placebo.
hemmorhage and innocent by fuel.
million miles away and come out and play by offspring..

i'm so bored.. i need to do stuff man... or i'll go nutz.. and i DUN mean skating... haiz pretty tired of it.. i think if i din haf my guitar i'd go nutz.. oh btw my classical broke~! my sis broke the head clean off the neck when she dropped it... haiz... looks like its just me and carmen( thats my electric guits name). DUN judge ME...~ yah and to add on to being bored i got homework to do..~ haha.. i'm whining so badly.. i muz haf caught it from you 3na... see la.. nah.. anyway get well soon..

kie todae hasn't been a good dae.. pretty tired too... just wanna go to bed...but guess i'll finish my assignment before i do... *sigh* Nites pple..

"Satan.. you know where i lie..
gently i go, into that good night..
Angels.. lend me your might
fought back all my life to get just one right"