Saturday, January 17, 2004


I get a rush when i DO go clubbing..
which incidently isn't very often.
Its the booze... music.. booze.. dancing.. smoke and did i mention..
AHEM booze...
yah, its a good time to hang out with the guys..
and well get a lil drunk.. wicked fun.
may be hitting mdm wongs tmr... and i'm not sure what to expect..
i like suprises.. besides i need to get out of the skating scene..
u know.. too much of a good thing.. yupz..


Eh.. most of the Marist guys well..~ they are at club BMT..
its like a country club without
5 star spa.. olymipc sized pool.. room service.. and breakfast in bed..
BUT you DO get morning wake up call AND
time in the gym(WITH personal trainers~)
Take care guys~.. Joe and nick.. and well anyone one else,
that i din give a shit 2 remember.. hahax..
Bring ur asses back in one piece.. for a Whoopin man...
except u joe.. i'm not touching your ass with a ten foot pole..


It looks like i've discovered the CUre to insomnia~~
If todays course got any MORE boring..
i would have fallen asleep IN my sleep...
i mean good GOD~..
if i wanted to learn how to teach a parent to fill up a form,
i'd be a form teacher... haha okay.. lame..
anyway.. that was it.. and well counseling skills.
for 6~ hours.. even my mom was dozing off..
and SHE likes the FreakIN discovery channel~!

Oh.. oh.. and i just found out that trina is
in the hospital.. and the 6 hour wait in the waiting room
is literally killing her.. of BORDOM that is..
(Singapore is SooO efficent isn't it~?)
Take care of yourself kie~.. it'll be over b4 u know it..

yah.. hmmx.. its 12 noon.. i think i'll go grab a bite and finish my
homework assignment.. AND maybe go back to sleep...
haiz.. yah suddenly feel abit heavy hearted..? eh.. nvm..

"This world can turn me down, but i won't turn away."
Three doors down.Duck and run

"A friend in need's a friend indeed, a friend with weed is better."
Placebo.Pure Morning

Thursday, January 15, 2004

I was up till about 4.30 am last night.. finished my stoopid assignment at 2.30am and watched tv.. but when i got to bed i just coulden't get to sleep.. kept tossing and turning.. Man~ my internal clock is realli outta wack..

Todae's lesson was actualli pretty damn interesting.. i did a freakin colour test on myself and .. well lets just say the results are pretty accurate.. haha even my mom was shocked.. she was like "your colour says that you do not take to rules well and tend to be more rebelious, you seek to be understood, you supress actions and feelings well" and a whole lotta other stuff la.. anyway yah. skated terribly today.. and i mean REAL bad.. haiz.. i got so pissed i just left after awhile.. and i felt like working on guitar riffs.. u know.. to like relieve stress..

Oh.. oh.. my mom just got home and she bought a new com for like 300 bux.. which i'm pretty excited abt.. 10 gigz and pentium 3..(okay so its not the fastest thing around but WHATEVER~!) but i gotta set up the new com.. move her laptop to my sisters room.. AND change the monitor from THIS com to another older com in my moms room.. so now we have...4 coms in the house..? hahax.. weird... will post up later..

'Fuel its what i burn, turning my direction , quench my thirst with gasoline'
okay that matter aside...
todays post... woke up late... like 1+...
and i KNOW i was SUPPOSED to do my hm work..
but eh... i didn't.. had lunch by my faithful friend the tv..
pistrami sandwich i might add.. did an hour of compulsory course readings.
and started my assignment.. fine..! i did damn little...!
haha yah and the weather was super nice... so i stopped and skated~!
hahahax... yah.. i AM the king slacker..!
it started out slow... but it picked up when ken came back from sch..
man todae i landed the Sweetest kickflip... perfect catch on the banks.. and i landed a few 50-50's... yah ..
anyway... now i'm JUST getting started on my assignment again..
no suprise right..? haha anyway... i gotta get to work..

"the tragedy is how u're gonna spend the rest of your life with the light on"
Jason Mraz.The remedy

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Welcome back... and welcome if ur new here..~
yah i had a long time to think last night...
was up till 4+... luckily i din haf classes to go to.
and i've come up with.. hmmmx.. lemmie put it like this..
u know when ur by the pool.. and you know its cold..?
they say the best way to overcome it is to..
well.. go in head first.. reckless? maybe..
but yah.. i know i dun wanna grow up..
and i like the safety of leaving qns unanswered..
but life is a journey.. and no better way to move on than diving in.
so moms right... i gotta look out for my future..
not that i'm gonna start paying bills and shit..
but more like.. being MORE *sigh* enthusiastic..
yah.. and trina, thanks for talkin 2 me last night...
altho u were super tired.. damn sweet of you..
and ur song RoX.. u made me feel much better..= )
Hey.. okay maybe this is abit private.. but i gotta get it outta my cheast man.. after i got off the com my mom asked me about why i had the blog.. anyway she gave me a real heavy talk after...

she was like... "what are you gonna do in life..~ you worry me...~ u have no direction and ur not doing ANYTHIING about it.. u need to survive in this world and just not thinking about life is not gonna help.. u always just wanna be cool"

i answered with:"i just finished schooling... i DON'T wanna think about it yet... my brain is on holiday.. i wish i freakin knew but i DON'T know WHAT i wanna do AND i Don'T know.."

man my heart just sank... each and every word she said was right.. but at that point i just wanted to be left alone.. i needed a break.. is it so wrong to not know..? yes when i say i don't wanna think abt it i AM running away... i guess i just... don't wanna grow up.. i don't wanna have to carry my own ass.. sorry for being selfish... so i worked on this poem...

i'm different from the others,
in how and where and why.
these pple set the rules 4 me,
so many i could die.

your words come down so harsh on me,
sometimes i'd wish you let me be...

what happened to the good times,
when no one gave a damn..
but things have turned 180,
and now i need a friend.

all i wanted was to make you proud,
now all thats left inside is doubt..

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

i DIN haf class todaE~~! big whoop man.. haha yah i woke up, slacked... played abit of guitar.. and went to skate... worked on my 50-50s todae.. getting better.. yah but i got homework to do later..*sigh*.. anyway.. yah i wrote sum stuff for the song... but not sure if i wanna put it up tho... not ready for pples critisms... but i'm pretty stoked about the stuff.. at least the song is coming along well.. yah.. i just did a friendster questionare.. yah.. well those qns actualli gave me some insight.. believe it or not... i reminded myself of some stuff i needed 2 hear.. which i lost..? yah thats the word.. u know when layers of crap pile on you.. and you just.. lose urself sometimes... yah my mom wants to use the com and she's like chasing me off.. haha nicely tho.. and she's got work to do too so i'm out..~

Btw Joe's going to the army soon.. just wanna tell ya to take care of urself man.. dun go Be a freakin hero u hear~! yah miss ya man.. bring ur fat ass back in one piece...

to everyone else... sleep tight... take care..

"when the last one falls, when its all said and done. it won't take away our love"
three doors without you.
(fine its abit lovy dovey.. but i like the damn song...)

Monday, January 12, 2004

Todae i had dignostic art class for 6 hours... OMg... well its not that hard.. and can actualli be interesting at times.. but well i dunno... guess i still rather be outside playing than stuck in a classroom.. so i was constantly fidgiting in class... when it ended i went straight home to skate with my new shoes..~! and they feel SO good.. landed a kickflip and backside 180.. in the words of cartman.. "SweeeT~" yah.. back for dinner and played guitar..sisters guitar lesson... yupz..

Okay crap talk aside.. todae i finally had some time alone.. as in.. me myself and I... i've been hopping here and there with class and skating that i haven't realli done this in a long time.. so after dinner I..

'took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind..' (3 doors down.kryptonite)

Haha.. yah i let my mind run with some thoughts.. and i came up with ... Questions... questions.. questions.. as usual... but unlike last time.. they weren't negative thoughts... or maybe its just my shift in presence that makes it look better.. what am i gonna be..? can i make it..? are bert and ernie gay...!? haha okay maybe not the last one.. but yah.. and i guess in the words of Sun zhi... "life IS sufering.. from birth to death..." but i choose not to suffer... cuz suffering is a state of mind.. okay.. most of you probably think i'm nutz by now.. haha fine.. but life IS a game... and i play to win...

anyway i'm inspired to rockout the rest of that song... oso haf 2 make bass tabs oso for tris.. so gonna hit the damn lyrics now..! gonna fuking finish it by this week...and u bet ur ass its gonna be good.... haha..

finger eleven. stay in shadow

ADDED: yah its about 1 am... and i just wrote 2 wicked new verses, a bridge, a solo(which i'm trying to fit in...) pretty damn pleased with myself...

Sunday, January 11, 2004

In the words of jack black.. " i've got a hangover.. who knows what that means..?" yah anyway F.Y.I, i've been drinking a lil.. so i'm like half drunk... well i'm kinda estimating.. haha. drank a Lil TOO much at my family dinner.. haha my lil cuzzons were super cute.. anyway.. i was supposed to work on the song chorus todae.. but i'm super not in the right frame of mind to write a love metal song..

maybe tmr la.. but i got class tmr.. haiz... yah after tt we can meet up and work on it guys... dignostic art tmr.. i sure hope its fun.. if not i'm gonna kill myself.. i swear... i wanna skate so bad.. i haven't hit my deck in the last.. 3? 4 days? yah.. and tmr i haf 2 be at class summore... haha can you believe i had to do homework todae..? haha.. i'm still doing last minute work.. some things just never change huh.. from primary.. secondary and jc... haha...

Last but not least.. my bro nick is hitting the baracks tmr to be an army man... just wanna say that.. i'll pray 4 you bro.. get that shit ova wit and bring ur ass back home.. so i can kick it... take care dogg..~! peace~

Well i gotta shower... and hit the sack earli.. i got class tmr... wtf... even saying that is weird...

"falling outta reach... defying greavity...
i know ur out there.. somewhere out there"
out lady peace. somewhere out there