Monday, March 17, 2008

Crystal glasses..

I remember looking through Georgia's facebook profile and something she said really resonated in my mind. It was an answer for one of those interview questions that went, "if you could be somebody for a day who would you be?" Her answer blew me away. She said she would be an African kid for a day, because it would teach her to appreciate what she has.

We, and i mean all of us, live day by day doing what we wanna do when we wanna do it. Go for a holiday, buy a new handphone, an ipod, whatever choices we make we rarely give a second passing thought. Me included, sometimes I feel down about life and stuff, but fuck man, we are really all just too high up in the clouds to appreciate what we have instead of looking at those who have nothing.

I'm not an advocate, and i'm not gonna jump on a plane and dedicate my life to building shelters but think about it people, we have it good, now we just need to not be so narrow minded and full of self centered, self pitying crap to be happy. Can't have something, not happy with life, don't sit there and cry about it, do something and stop living for yourself.