Sunday, January 25, 2009

As far as relationships go...

I can safely say that I take a very diplomatic
approach to most things in life, be it work,
school, family or any other conundrum. And
love certainly is no exception.

Let me be very clear, in no way do I see myself
as any sort of authority on the subject, however
I do understand that each relationship is different
and in turn has its different set of needs. Find one
where both parties needs are satisfied and Bingo.

Before you deem me wishy washy, sitting on the
fence or overtly simplistic, let me elaborate. The
premise of relationships should be on a clearly drawn
yes or no basis, which means, no maybes. The answers
may change with time, but still always be black and
white. Complication is the enemy. A big bad enemy
which more often than not leads to late nights
of sobbing and wallowing in too many unanswered

I'm no Nazi, I know I make relationships sound about
as exhilarating as reading from the telephone book, but
trust me, they are all about having fun, and having that
great connection. With all that said, I can whole heartedly
say that, As far as relationships go, I know nuts...

It's 7am, and if you don't mind, my bed beckons..
I bid you Adieu.