Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lunar Passion..

Chilled martini glass set on the counter,
a flick of the wrist and flip up the shaker.
Catch it mid-air and fill it with ice,
look at the liquors, this is when it gets nice.

Half a shot of Peach schnapps,
for sweet floral bliss.
Three-quarter shots of Amour,
for that seductive kiss.
A healthy shot of vodka, or more if you like,
to keep the mood up and last through the night.
Cranberry and fruit punch
to meld and to bind.
And just a hint of apricot,
garnished with orange rind.

Cover the shaker and secure the top,
shake up the mix and strain out every last drop.
Into the glass and you will find,
Lunar passion.

Seduction in a glass my friends. Don't ask how i came up with it or where you can find it. Its a self-created mix. Classy and elegant and light with floral notes transcending mere taste. It is a drink of moments that last an eternity, where words fail to describe perfection.