Saturday, February 21, 2004

Fuck man..~
i am sick as a dog~.. realised i got high fever and cold last night..
Super thick phlegm.. coughing.. sneezing..
i feel warm all the time.. and painful sore throat..~!
and i was supposed to go out with the marist guys 2dae..
the timing coulden't be worse.. *sniFF*
*sigh*.. sorri fellas.. i swear i was lookin 4ward 2 meetin u guys 2dae.
*cough*.. gonna take medicine and sleep..
wtf man..

Okay.. against the Strong advice of my mom and frenx..
i still went down 2 skate.. stupid right..?
maybe, but i din wanna sleep at hm ALL dae.. super boring~..
Oh.. small ken got a new deck~! and mike bought the same shoes as me~!
Yeah man~.. muska's rule~ Holla ~!
then skated to novena for dinner summore..
fuck man.. now my cough is much worse.. freakin hackin my lungs out..
Anyway.. i'm HOPING a good night sleep will get rid of it.
not going to skate park with my bro cuz i wanna rest up..
then tmr can skate at barker..
i just take a lickin and keep on kicking man..!
Maybe i haf a death wish.. *grinX*
anyway.. gonna shower and hit the sack.~

Friday, February 20, 2004

Its only 10pm.. but for some reason i'm realli tired..
so i won't write much.. i don't get it..
i just skated.. watched tv.. played guitar and read..
regardless of that.. todae..
was a fun skate session.. brendon and tim came down..
then, julias and mark.. my bro.. sam.. tris and me..
skated till i coulden't anymore.. Oh~ landed a fakie down the hut drop..!
my highlight of the day..
so it was pretty tight... and tmr promises to be another fun time..
brendon coming down.. hopefully tim comes too..
may follow the guys to park tmr at night.. depending on my mood..
we'll see how things go..
my bro actualli asked me if i wanted to go grab a beer at the bar across the street..
i was like super suprised la.. & if u know me i was all for it..~
but then he remembered tt he had work 2 finish.. *damn~!*
anyway.. fucking tired.. probably will read some and doze off..
Cheers mates..

Thursday, February 19, 2004


Hey everyone.. feelin BLUE 2dae...
(not the boyband or the colour~!)
yah.. i'm not like depressed but.. just gloomy..
maybe its the weather.. all dark and rainy..
skated a lil.. and it rained..
came back and watched the tube..
then played some gutiar..
Oh..~ if theres any upside 2 today..
i found my old guitar file..! with all the easy song tabs..
songs by..
michelle branch.. Rhcp.. five for fighting.. train.. foo fighters..
brings back alot of memories..
haha.. when i play them now.. my timing is off..
its like i was better when i first started..
Seeing this file kinda gave me a realisation..
when i first started learning guitar it was purely for the joy of playing..
having a ball just jamming by myself.. but as i progressed & learnt harder songs..
its like.. i was just pushing and pushing my limit..
the joy is still there.. but its minimal.. more like..
it'd be cool if i could play this.. so anyway..
i'll make a mental note to chill more when playing songs..
u know.. in a sense..
take my time and smell the flowers.. enjoying it..
and.. eh.. pple reading this..?dun limit this 2 guitar playing...
apply this to ur life yah..? seriously..
innocence is sapped from us as we grow up.. lets just enjoy it..

Haha.. seriously i din know there was so much insight from my stoopid file..
but yes.. i'm going out to..well take a walk.. *grin*
catch all of ya'll soon..

last but not least.. eh..
bell told me there's gonna be a party at zouk on the 28th..?
$15 entry.. i think 2 drinks..? u know the usual.. ooh and 18 and above only~!
yah.. anyway pple who are interested tag my board yah..?
i need a group 2 drink with.. = )
ciao pple..

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I MUST say... It's been a realli good day~
For the first time in a LONG while i came home tired but satisfied..
unless coming back from clubs are included..*GrinX*
went to watch along came polly.. it was... okay.. not too bad..
6.5\10? haha andrew the movie critique.. yah right..
yah.. it was.. okay.. quite funky..

Hung out at HMV.. saw so many wicked metal cds i wanted..
listened to the manson cd.. static x.. HIM...
yeah baby..~ its All good.. 3na din think so tho..
and i said and i quote:"Girls will never get rock music.."
haha.. but not that it matters much.. diff pple diff taste is all..= )
Just like i'll NEVER like boybands..
maybe girl bands.. if they are REALLI hot...

Hmmx then went 2 play pool at meridian..
Shit man.. i was seriously realli rusty.. haha..
realli off form too.. *sigh*
haven't played competitive since i stopped going to island club..
I even lost a couple of games.. & sumone tot i was giving chance~
but had fun all the same.. and that was the most impt thing.. haha..

ON the way back from orchard.. called the guys to hang out..
took 171 to king albert park Macs.. picked up sam..
brendon and tris were there with the Nee-ann wakeboarding pple..
had a good laff and chat.. damn brendon had diahorroea..
damn farrnie.. and there was a skater guy there too..
we gotta pull him in to the C.C.S~! (Chancery Court Skaters)
Suddenly i feel like skating..
*i know this contradicts what i said yesterdae..~~
but its just s feel kinda thing...~!

Oh.. then i came back & watched smallville..!
Yea man.. it was so cool..~! wonder what happens next..?!
hmmx.. could just ask tris.. he's watched the second series already..
seeing clark in the club... made me wanna club..
ARGHH~~! haha.. need alcohol.. beer.. tequila.. vodka..~!
happy juice.. hahax..

Lastly..i heard this RHCP(red hot chili peppers) song on the radio..
2 days ago..? yah.. and i din noe the name... Been serching like crazy for it..~
and i finally found it todae~! and found the guitar tabs..
and i shall end with lyrics from it... got to get some rest.. got class tmr..
Ciao baby~!

"I've got a bad disease
from my brain is where i bleed
insanity it seems
it's got me by my soul to squeeze."
Red hot chilli peppers.Soul to squeeze

Monday, February 16, 2004

Haven't posted in 3 days..?
yah.. basically nuthin much to post up..
since classes ended life is pretty boring..
but my dip in educational counseling is coming up..
so.. hmmx.. yah doesn't sound too bad..
i've just been hanging with the guys..
doin sum skating.. watchin tv.. playing guitar..

Actually, i got quite alot of homework 2 do from the last 3 courses..
but i just can't seem to get started.. *sigh*
old habits die hard huh..?
anyway.. watched the NBA all star game... fantastic stuff..!
kobe.. iverson.. t-mac.. allen.. kidd...~!
those guys got mad skills man..
and the slam dunk comp.. was pure poetry in motion..

Weirdly... i think i've.. well kinda lost interest in skating..
i mean.. i go down everydae and skate.. and try new stuff and all..
but.. *sigh*.. i dunno.. its just not giving me that buzz..
i still DO go down everydae to skate..
but its cuz i got nuthin more fun 2 do..
That aside...

Oh.. i actually just came back from raffles city..
had dinner with my mom and sis..
ate at tea spa.. its not excellent.. but .. not too bad either
then they both went shopping.. and i wandered arnd..
royal sporting house.. Esprit.. Levis..
saw a pair of VANs shoes i wanted... and an esprit hoody.. *drool*
but... decided AGAINST it..~ man.. whats wrong with me..
Bought oatmeal rasin cookies from subway b4 i left..
HOMER voice:"MMmmmm... cookielicious..."
thats basically it..

"(If you listen) Listen, listen
(Listen close) Beat by beat
(You can hear when the heart stops) I saved the pieces
(When it broke) And ground them all to dust"
AFI.Bleed black