Friday, July 13, 2007

My hands glide across the book..
fingertips graze past the cover..
And I think of how you must have felt..
And strength that pulled you through..
and it will, time and time again..

we are both strong.. in mind and will..
and all we need is to trust..
in love and in time..

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I'm not the churchy type but thank god for expression..
I feel blessed to be able to play and sing music.. And Dance..
I'd be less of a person if i couldn't express myself this way..
i lose myself in music and movement..

Be it the songs i sing Or the energy from the dance..
my emotions always come out front..
No guards no facades.. just me..

We are all shun the light of day.. and fear judgement..
But to lose it all.. and let it fall away..
We become free.. and spread our wings..
now that is what living must be about..


Monday, July 09, 2007

Emo daes..

My Dearest tris is at the Airport.. *sigh*..
Its not going to be the same without him around..
called to say goodbye just now..
i'm bestest bro leaving on a jetplane..
Haha.. well i know he'll do just fine..

Spent part of the afternoon Dancing.. Haha..
it's been so long since i've had to chorieo,.
But it was really fun..! Guys hip hop man!

Well.. all that aside..
Really need to buckle down on school work..
Priorities man.. stay focused andrew..
Don't let complacency get the better of you..

Much love Tris.. The boys will be holding down the fort..
WE ain't going anywhere..