Friday, August 17, 2007

Woke up from a wicked nightmare..
dreamt i only got 55% for my econs final..
and 60% for my math final.. i was super freaking out..
Well.. gonna grab some lunch and head to work after this..

In life we must take the good with the bad..
Just as there can't be highs without lows..
I always believe the toughest things in life
are also usually the most rewarding..
So we gotta keep pressing on..

Live our lives with no regrets.. and integrity.. and love..
We give it our all till we lay down our arms to rest..
Thats the way it should be.. Much love!

Thanks Tris for the awesome posters!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dark Wings

The cold was embracing..
The rain, raw and unbecoming..
The morning sky painted stunning lilac and blue..
And me standing alone in the middle of it..
The cool rain drops pounding as i look into the sky..
My hands reach up.. trying to grasp.. something anything..
Soaked to the bone i felt my spirit lift..
Chilling dew runs down my neck..
i feel my back tear.. and my wings branch out..
The cry echos the streets..
The silence shatters in the instance..
slowly the rain washes the blood off my body...
Kneeling on the gravel.. Black wings wrap me tight..
I didn't want to leave.. the rain was me.
So cold.. dense.. tired and gloomy.. So dark and lost..
the gale of winds blow right through me..
Perfect the night that i became..

Stumbled across this whilst looking thorough my old now ancient blog posts..
this one i wrote on March 09 2004.. Wow.. looking back it sure brings back memories..
We close this chapter with friendship..

i write the final words to end this page.. and i reflect back..
how we weaved up and down.. with smiles and sorrow..
i never forget.. How we laughed and cried.. and ran in the rain..
trials and tribulations crossed.. be proud we hung tight..

i'd hate to think that i could be the one for you..
relationships are supposed to be happy..
half the time we were happy and the other sad..
you deserve to be happy.. we both do..
i know you will find someone..
who will truly be everything you could ever want..

friendship stands in the wake..
i stand here always offering friendship..
the 3 years were definatly not a waste..