Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thailand with the boys

wow.. where do i begin... Along the trip there are these certain shining moments that you stop and attempt to put into words, and you fumble and grasp at straws and yet the words just never do the experience justice. Looking at that perfect sunset, we saw the amber sun sink into the blue waves along the horizon, with an array of purples, oranges and yellows littering the backdrop as we walked along the beach to find a dinner spot for sustenance. Our night of crazy partying which though somewhat strange, still ended up with everyone having a good time. Cruising on our motorbikes along roads that encapsulate the island, talking in the views whilst maintaining enough acceleration to keep ourselves thrilled. Swimming in the waterfalls, late nights playing drinking games out on the patio, bargaining with store owners in the congested alleys of the weekend market.

There were definite ups and downs of the trip, it wasn't perfect, but which trip ever is..
Regardless, the photos we have are a reminder of the bond we have and the moments we shared.

Okay.. now that i'm done with all that... the photos will be on Face book.. and school starts in like.. 3 days.. oooh crap.. OH and bye the bye, Guess who got straight A's this sem??
Hint.. his name sounds like *Bandrew*