Saturday, August 07, 2004


I Cried a dream tonight..
U died in my arms as i held you tight..
And i let you go with all my might ..
My Tears disappear before reaching the ground..
With the Moon ablaze and the sun a dark eclipse..
Stars litter the ground, the Sky a purple and blue..
Atop a cliff i leap.. arms spread wide..
for that split second believing i could fly..
Watch as the time passes us by..
A sparrow in my hand i release to the sky..
Emptyness a soul to cry..
Love is such freedom is never goodbye..


ErM... Happy..? Me..? nonono.. I don't DO happy...

So the strangest thing this week... i'm ACTUALLY enjoying myself at camp.. can you believe that..?
its weird.. i dunno.. Maybe i'm in that Pre Graduating mood.. 2 weeks left and BSLC will be over..
where i go from there is.. Well not in my hands.. might get posted 2 a support unit.. or go on 2 ASLC to command an infantry unit.. or maybe even cross over 2 ocs..?
Yeah RIGHT~..! like thats gonna happen~..

Another thing.. I heard a secret.. but details aren't confirmed so don't wanna go blowing it outta proportion.. not too sure whats going on in Foxtrot anyway.. and now its just all hearsay so yah.. will break the news when its Confirmed..

This week at camp was.. fun~! Had the flu on tuesday but that passed soon enuff.. erm... Did additional Obstacle course.. and went to the tear gas chamber.. Went for my Wanderer navigation test...did Confidence obstacle course.. Tonnes of fun shit... crawling in the mud.. canvas jump..~ the GAS mask..oh COOL..~ and my group found like all the checkpoints for wanderer~! with 2 plus hours to spare which i spent sleeping under a tree~.. haha.. and i caught this HugE Praying Mantis
which i'm keeping in a pringles can..! feeding him bees...named him isaac.. haha.. He is one viscious greedy lil bastard... haha

Don't get me wrong.. not that i'm not gald 2 be home.. Ahhh.. feels good.. Probably will go skate a lil later.. ken sam and tris are throwing a BBQ later.. which HAS alcohol.. so it PROMISES to be good.. Grin.. happy national day pple.. and i'm not saying this cuz i'm all patroitic now.. enjoy the holiday.. = )