Saturday, June 10, 2006

Good Morrow My Dears..

So... Whats up with this soccer yeah..? Good games and all that..?
Haha.. alright.. i'm NOT a soccer junkie.. its just never been my ball game..
i blame it on my stupid feet.. i'm more of a hands person.. = )

Well i watched the game anyways.. see what all the hypes about..
my sister managed to put a layer of polish on my fingers..
haha.. and its ugly too.. one ugly coat.. sheesh.. she could have done 2 at least..
Now there're all shiny.. *beams*
*Mental Note.. wash it off before leaving the house tomorrow*

I've been having classes on and off the last 2 weeks..
Its been so fun.. i won't deny that there were awkward moments...
but its fun~! like.. um my jazz funk dance class today..
after i loosened up and embraced it, Wicked stuff i tell ya..
i've always wanted to learn this stuff anyway..

sigh.. now i need to build a portfolio.. then maybe an adgency will take meee..
Yup.. lil OLE me.. haha.. stupid height requirement..
The world is my oyster...~! a short short oyster... Hahaha..
Nothin i can do but grit my teeth and keep pushin at it..

Whats on my IPOD:
i've decided to put this up.. cuz.. well.. its APPARENT that no one shares
my taste in music.. So i wanna spread the good word.. (",)
maybe you'll d/l an album and like it..? whatever ur fancy..

1) The Red jumpsuit Appratus or RJA for short are a new band hitting the scenes
following the success of bands like hawthorne heights and my chemical romance..
Making waves in the States their self titled album talks about issues such as
domestic battery and.. you guessed it.. love and life.. a definate must listen..
with a good mix of guitar licks and clean vocals.. the only problem with the album is that
its been made very clean in the production like most albums now..

2) All American Rejects with their poppy lyrics and catchy guitar riffs have released a
very listenable album.. fans of their earlier work can expect the same sound in different songs..
Personally.. its just plain fun to listen to.. Happy licks and fun vocals... perfect for
bopping along the street and in the train for those long rides.. so yah..enjoy..

3) Love Muse..? muse has released their new album.. Blackholes and revelations..
Its dark .. its moody.. its Muse..

Love you guys..
Do call if ya wanna meet up soon..
my cj mates... and marist brothers..
and whoever who may not fall in either catagory..

"God gave rock and roll to us..
Put it in your Soulll everyone.."

Sunday, June 04, 2006

I've Been meaning to type something to you..

Glance over your shoulder what once was no more..
so lonley you were this world was so painful..
never would you let your friends in to play..
in your garden so sweet and simple it'll stay..

Torns on the roses so delicate and sharp..
paying the piper in blood for your cuts..
drop by drop.. whats on the other side..
doesn't matter at all does it..
as long as its not here..

now you're free so it seems..
its all you ever wanted.. just remember..
your friends who watched from the fence..
we are truly sorry..

Sweet dreams yaofeng..