Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Watching "No Reservations" on tv is one of my guilty pleasures..
Even when repeated episodes come on, I sit intently soaking up
every quick quip and insightful comment Anthony Bourdain conjures.
And through the episode, I search for insight to apply to my own life
and my view of the world. Like how passion for life and living is a
function of being curious to know more of the world. And how, through
travel and opening our horizons we truly find out not how big the world
is, but how small we are in it.

He really is one of my heroes.
And i think one of the reasons that IS, is because I see parts of myself in
him. Cynical and bitter, but with the taste for adventure and ability to appreciate
both the fine and simple things in life with an undaunted passion.

Moving on..

My constant hectic lifestlye has caused this post to be long overdue. And
its just one of those things that have been buzzing at the back of my head
for the last 2 months or so. I am beginning to question my take on commitment.
I think my recent dating and relationship history presents a pattern of
me distancing myself whenever things get too serious. Truth of the matter is
that I cannot put myself back in the place of a serious relationship and haven't
been able to for the longest time.

I don't know if that should be a cause for any concern, but on the same note it
is a little unsettling. With that said, I look forward to relishing this coming break,
especially after dragging my brain through last semesters modules.

The night will belong to us, and only us,
if it is meant to be.