Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Learning to fly..

Life's funny isn't it.. all that jazz about being positive..
mumbo jumbo of but a past we all try to live against..
i'm looking to the sky to save me.. looking for a sign of life..
foo fighters really is my core band..
the first influential rock pop band that really hit me..

Friends are in pain.. all fighting battles in their head of what is and what should be..
Greatfulness and aknowledgment for all things big and small is where we should look..
i aknowledge having a great supportive family..
a mother that is working so hard to provide for her kids.. true greatness..
a sister that never lets me forget how immense my possibilities for life and greatness are..
a brother that would give his arm for me if i asked.. maybe 2..
a dad that worked hard to provide for his family the best he could.. and set the bar High in the sky for us kids.. showing me that though you left big shoes to fill.. you were just wearing them in for me.. god bless you..! and thanks for the genes~~!

True friends that love me for who i am.. cooky and bizarre.. with a dash of insanity..
a girlfriend that has picked up the pieces time after time.. it isn't easy for her.. but she keeps pushing forth for a magnificant future.. cuz she see's it.. its foggy but its there.. I appreciate it babe~~!

and you.. for taking the time to read this..
what are you greatful for..?