Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Morning..Ugh.. its 230Am.. and i ought to be sleeping..
decided to go to camp early tomorrow.. but ken's playing NFS most wanted..
and i couldn't help but cheer\jeer him on.. = )
Flu has been bugging me down recently..
ANYWAY.. thought i might make a meaningful post..
Not that i'd expect it to touch ur lives or anything..

haha.. the pic is there.. cuz.. um.. well i haf time..
it looks ORange.. was at the beach.. don't ask.. = )
and that lil guy is jack.. you might know him..

I think i've just come out to say that..
i understand life a lil more.. shouldn't we all..? after all..
time and age gives you experience and whatnot doesn't it...?

pain.. haha... you live for..?
we live.. don't we..? all for different reasons no doubt..
maybe ur proving something to your dad.. or living to be heard..
to impress others.. or to NOT prove Anything..

here's the thing.. i figure.. i live for the pain..
there aren't alot of us.. but i'm one of em..
live to feel.. pain and pleasure.. now forever..
in the now not the future..

suicide notes indeed..
Butterfly kisses...
doesn't it GRAB you...?

It just captured me.. the title i mean..
a painful love... Always testing the limits of a pulsating heart
Its good really.. Really good..

anyway time for bed..
wake up tomorrow.. or maybe not..?

sweet sour dreams...