Friday, January 04, 2008

A New Year calls for New resolutions..
Personally i've broken every single resolution i've ever made.
But i thought i'd list down the things to look forward to in 2008.

I am Looking forward to..

1)Finishing my second year at uni. Its just one of those personal milestone goals that my eye is always on. I have to work harder to pull my GPA up from last sem if i still wanna maintain my Honours.

2)Spending more time with the people i love. My friends and family. Going on exciting outings and adventures.

3)Having that perfect relationship i keep playing out in my head. i know.. i know.. these things don't just fall from the sky, and i have high standards, but hey who knows..?

4)A year of great music and parties with mates..!

Resolutions.. *Fingers Crossed*
i Resolve to..

1) Drink less for one. Just don't wanna drink cuz i can anymore. Its taxing on the wallet and body. So Less social drinking, but the occasional party is fine. haha..

2) Patience and maturity. I hope i'll grow personally and emotionally this year. i still catch myself in instances of worry and weakness, procrastinating and impatience. i wanna work on that this year.. 23 is pretty old, and i can't get away with murder anymore.

3) Start working on my driving license this year. Put it off for too long..

4)work hard for my Grades. i am a straight A student if i make the effort, so no cock ups this year.

5) Be more involved in school, music and bartending..

:) well they are just resolutions, have a good year everyone.. Achieve all you aim for and i hope for nothing but the best for all of you in love and life for 2008..

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tell me who i am, tell me what to say.
caught in dead ends with no other way.
I'll say anything, do anything to make you stay.

We turned our heads choosing to forget.
Heart tugging, tears welling, we walk away.
In our heads it seemed so simple.

Emo la.. i know.. i've been writing stuff like this for longer
than i can remember, plus all the music i grew up on.
Just a jumble of words that spilt into sentences.
A mix and match if idle drabble.

There's alot on my mind. Starting work, school, and other stuff.
I'd rather push it all away and hope it all solves itself
and as it is i procrastinate. But gotta grab it all by the balls
and suck it up.