Saturday, August 25, 2007

Love is...

I'm up and at the com though its 5am in the morning..
somewhere between watching my cooking shows, reading my book
and making myself tomyam instant noodles..
i felt the incessant call to blog.. and i wouldn't be here
unless bloggng at this hour unless this would inevitability
lead me to some kinda of epiphany..

I was at the balcony.. looking up at the clear starlit night sky..
and i could just imagine myself utterly in love..
the visual in my head played as such..

we share a home.. and its been a long day..
and you lay your head on my lap..
tired but still laughing and joking..
and your dazed eyes still sparkle as you smile and look into mine..
and i stroke your hair as we share the day..
and i wonder how a guy like me ever got so lucky..
and at that moment..
i wouldn't want to be anyone else anywhere else in the world..

It is so simple huh..? 2 people sharing an odinary moment..
How smiles and joy and love.. can be had everyday..
i can see it.. the visual is so clear i almost fall into it..

I wonder.. am i the eternal optimist.. looking, living for that day..?
Is it practical..? will that even happen..? is it even possible..?
Or am i plain naive..? merely chasing a pipe dream..?
Don't know what it is about me.. i am a romantic..
Chasing hot girls and getting some just doesn't appeal to me..
i'm only 22.. is it too young to have these thoughts..?
so so SO many questions..

Well i definatly don't have the answers..
and i don't know where to start looking.. : )
But as usual.. i have a feeling things will turn out well..

A wonderful nights sleep and dreams to all..

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Its really been a chilled out 2 weeks for this Emo rocker bartender..
Passing my days with the simple joys of life..

1) Playing my dearest Guitar
2) Morning Coffee and reading the newspaper
3) Sprawling out on the couch watching Tv
4) Spending time having our oh so rare Family dinners
5) Working at my favourate place doing my favourate thing..*

*No its not drinking.... ... ... ..

Well the holidays are winding to an end and i must say
i'm eager to hit the books again.. wanna get my degree
quickly and Hit the Business world Baby..! I was talking
to mom and she was really keen for us to work and get a PR
in the states.. Honestly it sounds great career wise and an
adventure in itself..

But you gotta love it here.. I mean..
its Clean.. Warm.. Good makan.. Good Partying...
Safe.. Convienent.. Excellent education system..
And as i see it the whole country will be Prime
Real estate in 20years..
This is by NO means my own personal Rally..
and its not Army Brainwashing or anything.. haha
but I think its those ideals that will carry us through
if war were really declared..
that there is really there's no place like home..
Its days like these i'm proud to put on my Number 4 and berret..

Moving on.. Went to skate today at the skatepark and orchard stage..
Managed a couple of kickflips and flatland stuff.. :)
Sketchy but still pulled it off nontheless..
Highlights are Ollies off the stage and frontside 50-50s! Haha..
those felt awesome.. and its been a good 2years since i last skated..
Drenched in sweat and the light drizzle..
being back on a board brought back many many good memories..

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Got my Results back recently..! 3.715 for my GPA..
Its not the perfect 4.0 i was aiming for but..
Its a respectable grade.. but no worries..
i'll do better next sem.. :)

Its such a nice sunny day..
Think i'll watch some family guy at home..
Head to town and have a coffee..
read the papers.. play some pool.. and people watch..
Sounds like a truly relaxing way to spend the day..

Anyway i miss tris.. its boring not having you around..
can't go out on our random nights.. do random stuff..
haha.. Listening to Circa survive now...

Much love.. peace..