Saturday, June 26, 2004


Took out the lyrics from the last post..
don't know what came over me..
can't believe i wrote that..
it just looked bad when i read it again..

Feeling.. well.. adrift.. a lil bit tense..
army getting to me.. mood swings.. lots of stuff..
*grin* i'm just irritable today la..

Gonna get out of the house..
probably grab a beer or 2...
or 3... Maybe 4..
well u get my drift..
Gonna sit back and listen 2 some THRICE..
Good god.. fantastic band.. Story of the year too..
Incubus.. Hoobastank.. Think i'll just..
erm.."SWITCH OFF".. i need a break..

Later pple.. i'm outta here..
Sweet Dreams..

"Thrice.Ultra Blue"

Unabashedly pursue,
the Truth that we cannot deny
A revelation shining through,
orchestration Adonai
A revolution ultra-blue,
and a melodic battle cry
And though you say there'll be no coup,

we'll never know unless we
Try to see it through,
and find a different point of view,
one where faith is not taboo
And we'll all learn to see the world as new

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Had a Good day...
Got tonnes to do.. army stuff mainly..
now i think about it..~ i didn't have dinner ..?
well snacking on oreos and milk..
The disgusting green shrek ones.. Haha..

My sec com has given me alot of posts in foxtrot..
pretty stressed out.. Book in book out i\c..
Safty Rover i\c.. Law Gunner... Sheesh..
But.. i dunno.. now.. i'm looking up..
Sispec will be tough.. BUT i'll NOT fall out..
"My body says ENOUGH.. But my spirit says NO.."

i think this is the only army moto i truly believe in..
Speaks volumes about determination and true will..

Right.. this is WAyyyy to leadership campy for my blog.. haha..
anyway.. good night people.. stay happy..

Sunday. 20th June

Whoa 2 more hours to book in timing..!
Still got lots to do..! damn..
went to town 2 get my photos done and
buy stationary from popular this morning..
Damn i look bad with short hair.. hahax..
rushed to SPONGE to get ken's b-dae gift..
and had lunch at pasta mania.. DrooL~..
still gotta finish off the cover for the book in book..
make sure i got all my items..
Pack my clothes.. and grab dinner..
Ooh.. this is a realli tight weekend..
But i loved it.. haha.. = P
Sigh back to camp for another hectic week..
ippt.. soc.. signal tests.. practical and theory..
demoliton tests and theory.. GosH..~
Gotta take it one day at a time..

Cya in a week people...
well.. HOPEFULLY..