Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy St Patricks people..!

Even if it was yesterday..
bring out the Guiness and the shamrock clovers..!
I have a picture of myself in a Gigantic
Guniess hat with clover leaves for the rim..
BUT.. thats just for me.. and maybe tris.. and trina..
well.. then again I MIGHT post it up..

I had a pretty good day..
Went to watch 300 with baby..
shared a Hearty fish soup..
picked up my 3 tiny martini glasses
and shaker glass for the home bar..
ate ice cream.. had a salad..
came home and napped..
AND out for dinner with mommy..
prawn noodles.. wanton mee..
har gao.. prok rib and chee cheong fun..
oh.. and tea si ping to top it off..

kinda heading to bed
but got my nose buried
in the new bartending book ken bought..

All in all a Perfect day..