Friday, December 01, 2006

Lost and found..

the pressure is mounting as you look in the mirror..
there is no one else.. ur alone..
and scared of what tomorrow may bring..

A forcefull fist shatters, the fragments fall to the ground..
each piece catches your eye as it falls..
each a second of life come and gone..

warmth trickles along your palm..
as you raise it to your eyes to wipe the tears..
and the world shrinks to your room..

I miss writing poems like this.. dark and gloomy..
Suicide notes and butterfly kisses indeed..
its the edgy gothic andrew i'm so confortable with..
but in actual fact.. i'm not gloomy or dark anymore..
i just tuned into who i wanted to be..

i'm really glad.. contented.. = )
sweetie is finishing her exams soon..!
work is fun.. having a blast..
and i have my health.. hahaha..

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Smack Dab...

MOrning everyone..
had a long day at work but strangly i can't get to sleep..
i revalation hit me just now on my walk back from work..
its about realtionships.. now i love trina very much..
Sweetie don't over think anything i say k..?
these just happen to be perspectives that ran past me.. <3
and anyone else who might take away something insightful?
ur more than welcome to..

i've always thought of myself as a great boyfriend..
the type who would literally do anything to MAKE IT work..
change myself.. talk.. be more of this or less of that..
here is revalation number one..
Choose to have it work or not work.. powerfully..
what would be if it does work..?
is it a bad thing that i doesn't work..?
Failing in a realtioship doesn't make you a bad boyfriend OR girlfriend..
its just what YOU want.. and again.. choose powerfully..
questions like.. are you really happy..? can you be yourself..?
can you love him/her for who they really are..?
it could be as simple as choosing powerfully..
not based on fear or lonelyness or failure..

number two.. who are you with your partner..?
i realise when i'm with trina..
i'm alot more serious.. more practical.. and strangly cautious..
i try to be supportive and i'm focused as a person..
now question.. is that who i really am..?
does she make me act this way..?
hell NO! not at all but i choose to be like this..
this is where i goofed..
who do you let yourself be in front of the one you love..
i'm silly.. charming.. directed.. relaxed..
and i don't show it to her.. my bad.. = )
so... who are you with that someone..?

remember.. not to love someone for who they will be or
what you want them to be..
but really.. for who they are..

that Iz all.. thank you ladies and gents..
i think i finally feel that sleepy bug coming on..
Lots of love.. ME~!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Morning all~~!

I just got back from work.. its about... 6.30Am..
and todat being rouge's 3rd annaversary..
the floor staff got to drink when customers offered..
Man.. i had so muhc martell and chivas its not funny..
and smirnoff and long island tea too.. ugh...
i have to do an important song and dance audition tomorrow..
and to be honest.. i had to enter my password 3 times to enter blogger..
so sad right..? sigh all my regulars ask me to drink..
lim beh buah sai.. lim jiu wo ai buay tahan.. lim beh kana nah kong.. (hokkien)
one guy had me finish a glass of martell and a Teensie bit of green tea.. omg..
super had sia..drinking water now to sober up.. shit.. the stuff i get myself into..

well i'm gonna stay up and practice my dance routine till the audition tomorrow at 830am..
for those of you who think i have it easy..
i'm about to smack you over the head..

anyways lotsa love..
and a happy sunday for all of you..
its off to the showers for me..