Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hola All..

It is i.. just a lil update on whats been going on.. Hmmm..
well for starters..i've been helping out with my jie jie's speech therapy center..
Talking to her about how to brand the company andother
very interesting business-Ssy stuff.. totally learning alot..
and been reading up on marketing and branding books too~!
the one trina bought for me was Espicially good..! its called "right side up"
Love ya hun~! we're looking at doing postcards.. and talking to school boards..
doing ads in yahoo and magazines..

i've decided to get a job while waiting for school and helping jie part time..
possibly teaching at maris stella..*Beams* how awsome would that be~!
applied at MOE already.. so thats underway.. and applying myself
to ads in the classifieds.. i think this time round i'm intent on getting there..
guys if ya got lobang Call Moi~.. haha...

i realised something.. There are tonnes of Tv shows that have...
Messages that are really powerful..
one liners that talk about life.. love.. being.. those around us.. and ourselves..
and they may come from a comedy or a drama serial.. but they make sense~!
and besides.. its fun.. all in good fun.. i feel great.. happy.. connected.. directed..

Just Caught under one roof.. Remember Singapore's first comedic family..?
Just Gotta say.. the Jokes take on a whole new dimention now..
its so smart.. Bear in mind this was the really realy seasons.. it kinda died later on..
And wow.. it's SO singaporean.. no wonder people could realate to it..

i think life is really about being out there.. and you never know what you want..
till you know what its all about.. whats love..? the meaning of life..? money..?
So lets all look.. not for money, love or life..
but understanding..

and besides
if you are in good company.. it'll always turn out alright.. = )
Lotsa Love.. From Moi~..