Sunday, January 29, 2006

Retro SPECT..

Mmm... in this chinese new year season..
instead of Boring you with snippets of MY dreary life..
let me leave you with what hopefully might enrich ur life..
here goes..

i think alot of the time..?
the most comforatble pair of shoes to be in..
are probably yours.. perspective..
weather you see urself as being too short..
or too tall.. smart or slow..
wheather u have IT ..?

or not..
like i said.. ur shoes.. all worn in and comfy..
and although i AGREE that nothing feels quite as comfy as my
worn in nike AIR force ones.. or maybe my adidas..
many people can't see themselves in ANYTHING else
but that..

alright.. let me simplify..
take a step back out of ur skin..
and watch urself as a third party..
Take notice of what u do and how u feel..
listen to what you are actually saying..
hey.. who knows..?
you might hear something you like..?
or... don't like.. = )

anyway.. at this point in time i'd like to thank
all of you.. my Friends.. each and everyone
of you play different but intergral parts of my life..
adding the necessary colour and shades
to an otherwise monotone daily drag..

lets make changes in 2006...
and excell like our lives depend on it..

Lotsa love..