Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Haven't posted in awhile..
Lets see if i still remember how to go about this..
= ).. wow..

its amazing how i turn to my guitar and blog for solice..
to be quite frank.. i'm feelin bummed out..
my mom is also doing her degree now..
and she's on the com working on her 2000 word assignment..
even though she's sick..
she's been taking power naps and even fell asleep by the com..
told her to get some rest but assignment is due tomorrow..
all i could do was encourage her.. and she appreciated it..
but its times like this i feel helpless..

Strangly trina is going through a similar predicament..
assignment due and a test to study for on top of that..
she's really tired.. i can hear it in her voice..
i'd give anything or do anything to help..
and again.. i feel terrible that i can't do shit to help..

i'm worried that tiredness will hurt these 2 people i love..
physically wearing on their minds and bodies..

will to press on.. a page at a time a word at a time..
absolutly astounding..