Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It occurred to me today in class while I was struggling to focus on the discussion that I am essentially very Utilitarian. I have the habit of instinctively questioning the motives and reasons for which people say or do things, and it irks me when they serve no overall purpose or if the objective is trivial. Saying something vague and cliche to sound intelligent, or purely for the sake of being heard, is an example of this and falls under one of my major pet peeves. I DO pride myself on being able to weed out peoples real intentions quite quickly and accurately, maybe because it has become all too easy to spot those who really have nothing to contribute except hot air and their own bloated images of self worth.

It seems in my world of reasoning, what it all boils down to really is what function and purpose does the action serve and do the entailing actions follow suit. Having said that, I can't help but wonder if my objectivity acts as a constraint to personal growth. I don't mean to put anyone on ice when they are around me, but I do feel that people who are true to themselves and what they stand for should not and will not feel worried or at all uncomfortable.

But before you dub me a stiff robotic heartless being, let me just say that this side of me only and I DO mean only, comes to play with regards to work. Of course play in itself is an entirely different matter. :)

There you go. My self discovery for the month checked off..