Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Had one of those 'its a Tiny world we live in' moments today.. Stopped by my mom and sisters office on the way home and I found out John Molina's niece goes to my sisters speech therapy center..! and met May (Johns sister) too.. talk about coincidence ya..?

well research papers handed in, projects done and presentations.. err.. presented.. with 2 weeks before exams its time to buckle down and bury myself in the books.. *sigh* i am dreading the exams.. i mean.. didn't we JUST have midterms..?! damn condensed US system is keeping me on a pretty tight leash..

Can't wait to get out of the country.. hopefully i'll leave for the USA after next sem to finish up my final year. its still a tentative but that will be one hell of an experience.. even if it is a university city..

Acid Bar is having its anniversary this saturday and tris will be back! How awesome is that.. me, tris and ken already have a table booked and all the bands will be down to play 70's, 80's and current music.. Sounds like a good time anda good chance for me to kick back before cramming my brains out.

I used to ponder about life alot, but recently the chances to, have come considerably less than they used to. Had a moment on the ride to school today, and it came to me.

"its all in the cards"
There are things in life that are beyond us.
call it fate, godly divination, you could worship the all mighty cookie
and it would all be the same. Basically life is, what life is.
Some things are meant to be and others not,
i.e. the cards of life are dealt to us, Whats in the cards and when
additional cards are given is beyond our control.

I have come to realise several things.
Firstly, that the cards are pre-determined and being anxious
or disappointed in the cards really doesn't accomplish anything.

which leads me to my second point.
given how moping or whining about the situation doesn't
get us anywhere, that just leaves us with playing the game.

No point stressing out about stuff sometimes..
we really gotta learn to let go and move on..

Hmm.. i feel better..