Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day Dreamer..

Take me to a place where i can be away from the ratrace
and the daily hustle and bustle that dictates our lives.
Where left is left and right is right,
green means go and red means no.

Under clear blue skies surrounded by great company
To a place where i no longer feel the need to be me,
where creativity, wonderment and passion are free.
To rediscover the magic of the moment,
the sights and smells, the people, for the first time.

A place that i can finally dream.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Quick Post...

My blog has been neglected as of late,
and i know the next few weeks hold little sleep.
Exam after exam till the first week of August.
As usual I'm procrastinating and attempting
to yank the rabbit out of the hat in marvelous

With the light at the end of the tunnel being a
well deserved and YEARNED for 2 week break.
i know.. it ain't much, but I really REALLY need it.
Get out of this one horse town and set mind
on FUN. Oh and Babes too.. fun and babes..
Sounds about right..

But for now, Redbull and study..
Redbull and Study