Thursday, June 14, 2007


Man.. what a trying week..
with mid-terms and quizzes one after the other..
brings back memories of how tiring exam period used to be..
the cramming.. and practice.. anxiety with a dash of anxiousness..

i've got my english paper tomorrow.. and haven't started revision yet..
haha.. just like Jc days.. looks like some things don't change..
Can't wait for the weekend to get some well deserved rest..

Well enough about me.. on to today's post..

Today's post... mmMmm..
Lets do one on perserverance..
Ever hear the story of the little train that could..?
well.. he was huffing and puffing along a steep track..
and well.. it wasen't easy for the little guy..
now the passengers were all acting up..
some were encouraging.. and some were well.. annoyed..
but the little train pressed on a chug at a time..
ignoring the comments
and taking solice in transporting his passengers..
Up and down hills.. in and around mountians..
till he finally reached the station..

Everyone knows what it's like...
a long ardurous journey to reach that goal..
sometimes it sucks.. and other times.. it doesn't suck..= )
a chug at a time.. one step at a time..
and we'll get there.. i believe hard work pays off..
as hypocritical as that may sound coming from me..
maybe it's the army that ingrained it in my spirit..
to give it once more when you feel you've nothing left to give..
another step.. another try.. one last run..
cuz.. you have to..