Saturday, May 07, 2005

~i'll be your memory~

Mmm.. its about lunch timee... and well.. u know me..
just got outta bed.. GrinX.. next week looks pretty boring...
another week of aircrafts..
moving hse soon.. so MOST of mah stuff is packed..
sure uncovered a couple of lil momentos..
bringing me back to those days..
baby fotos.. sispec photos.. my climbing stuff..
lil notes from friends.. my old school grades...
those sure were the days.. everything was so simple..
i'm sure you'll agree...

so many things going on..
i want everything.. the high life.. and yet
i love things simple.. i guess thats how its like..
with most pple anyways.. traveling in opposites..
*ahem* anyway i've rambled on enough..

i hope ole Joe is holdin up..
need to realli focus on the stupid buisness too..
make sure things run smoothly..
not to mention keep up wit my course too..

when thing were simple..