Saturday, July 01, 2006

My House..

Boy sits in his room..
pieces are shrewn across the floor..
pieces of building block..
its time to rebuild a house..
but boy has seen the flaws in his earilier construction...
time to sit down and re map.. think boy.. think..
maybe a backyard pool for you and duckie to wade in..
a sturdier base.. the heavier blocks will do just fine..
big family room for mommy and daddy..
a study room for daddy and a BIG closet for mommy..
and a dog house for rupert..
never compromising his vison..

boy's blue crayon glides across his art bloc..
realising his dreams in this world only limited by his mind..
the possibility infinate..

Its FINISHED.. boy sits back and admires his work gleefully..
sighing a breath of relief.. but wait.. things are missing..
he sits back again.. hand scratches his head..
smiles and keeps his crayons.. he can add them later..
before he leaves.. he Titles in bold black..

Dear all.. this is a short poem come story i wrote.. i hope you grasp the sub text..
its about infinity.. about life.. work.. studying.. relationships.. that everything..
EVERYTHING.. can be yours.. if you are as ambitious and far sighted as.. boy..
its cute... you can really see miricles in young children..
i hope you too build a house of your own.. love..


Friday, June 30, 2006

it hurts.. so badly.. i couldn't even keep myself together on the train ride..
the lady next to me raised her eyebrows when i teared..
but it like my heart squeezes when i remember my world revolved around you..

i.. i feel so lost.. she was everything i wanted.. pushed me to be all i could be..
and now there's a giant hole where she used to be..

and all i want is to be with you.. i'd work out anything..
I'm scared.. this was the one... and i blew it..

time to cry myself to sleep..
i really don't wanna wake up..
and face another day of this..

fuck damnit.. i just wanna yank my heart out arteries and all..
toss it out and curse it for seeing..

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Anthem of our daying day..

"The stars will cry
The blackest tears tonight
And this is the moment that I live for
I can smell the ocean air
And here I am
Pouring my heart onto these rooftops
Just a ghost to the world
That's exactly
Exactly what I need

From up here the city lights burn
Like a thousand miles of fire
And I'm here to sing this anthem
Of our dying day

For a second I wish the tide
Would swallow every inch of this city
As you gasp for air tonight
I'd scream this song right in your face
If you were here

I won't miss a beat
Cause I never
Never have before"

Me and trina are no more.. !
i just thought that if u were interested enough to read my blog..
that you should know of this relevation..
i guess.. i'm not gonna be all shy or coat my words with meanings
using metaphors and smiles at any attempt to make this sound smarter than it really is..
this is gonna be a real post.. nothing more.. = )

f.y.i... erm.. i'm holding up okay actually.. it happened about an hour ago..
nice talk over the phone.. no shuoting or stuff.. clean and simple..
it hurts a lil.. i ain't denying it.. at the risk of looking whimpy..
BUT here's the thing~ if it DIDN't hurt.. THEn we'ed have a real problem..
so i figure its okay.. c",)

i just hope the pain doesn't all come down on me at once like an atomic bomb..
God that would hurt..! 1 thousand pounds of emotional wreck on lil ole me..
haha.. my fingers are trembling as i type this.. prolly a subconcious reaction to the
magnitude of it all.. The human body is a miricle eh..
its slowly easing in the pain.. kinda like adrenaline..

PLease do not sms me and send me condolences.. i RE-peat.. Don't..
i hate to be patrionised and i don't want pity..

i need my friends..
i love you all.. if you read this means you care enough..
or ur here by accident.. hahaha..

My God.. even after a breakup i'm still so full of Bullshit...
eh.. whatever..

making you smile was all i ever wanted..
it was worth living for.. and dying for.. = )

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Its All About ME..

This Post is coming from a strange Place.. Not an emotional state i'm all too famaliar with..
But Hell.. I'll roll with the punches.. I Figure I Keep posting sad stuff on the blog..
yeah.. Those posts are of pure feeling.. but today... its about the stuff that makes me happy.. i shall DEEM them the " I LIKES"

i like..

My name is Earl.. is a comedy being played on channel 5 now.. Funny and heartwarming.. you can get the whole damn season off bit torrent.. it makes me happy.. Yup.. warm and fuzzy inside.. PLUS its a bag of laughs..

Going 4 Class.. i really look forward to classes nowadays.. its different.. a lil dance.. a lil vocal toning.. but all FUN.. i love that it steps out of my comfort zone a lil.. but not too much till i can't control my situation... plus.. i'm getting to know the pple in class.. so koodos..i love dance..there i said it.. its funky..

My Music.. i can't explain it.. nothing gets to me as much as music.. i love foo fighters.. !panic at the disco.. Red Jumpsuit apparatus.. they play the theme song to an everyday..

Hard gay.. Thanks to tris.. check it out on just type hard gay english.. don't PANIC.. its not a pornnie thing.. haha.. its about a japanese variety show.. i swear its a roit.. the japanese people are just amazing..

DOTA.. i love playing dota with the boys..its a guy thing..? well so far it is.. hahax.. its just good for me to switch off my mind from a reality.. immerse myself in something simpler.. besides.. is exciting if you play against tough pple.. and you learn new stuff..

Sarah.. My Dear Ibanez Grx 60.. of course with my marshall amp and effects pedal.. Fantastic way to rock out all the tension and its a good sweaty workout too..

FAMILY Guy.. Its the WORLDS funniest animated comedy out there BAR NONE.. Simpsons and southpark can eat their hearts out.. Fans of american POP culture are in for a treat.. but if you take things seriously on any level.. stay clear.. sexist racist religous political statements made.. but if you are ready for a laugh of a lifetime here it is..

WildBOyz.. How can you not get a laugh out of someone hurting themselves..? and these guys go all out.. doing the most stupid and outragous stunts with animals and bugs.. as they SAy.. "NO one is WILDER than the WILD boyZ"

PIctuRe.. Picture posing is a rush.. i could use a lil practice but its great when shots turn out nice.. It seems super self indulgent.. but i don't care.. i'm in for the fun.. and its a BLASt.. besides its weird and strangly nice to be in a cool photo..