Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I know that when it comes to exam periods and busy busy
times of my life, I get grumpy and complain that I wish
I could do more of the things I wanted to like playing guitar
or blogging.

Well here is the deal, I've partied out last week AND worked
hard as well, so you don't take me for a complete slacker. =)
And I've spent the last 2 days pretty much bumming around the
house, playing guitar and well.. Blogging. And when it all boils
down to it, its been a pretty terrible boring 2 days innit..?

And the lesson to take away boys and girls..? Being busy might
not be the most fun thing at the point in time, but the rewards
make it worth the time and effort. Also, taking a break and doing
nothing can be awesome.... .. .. in small doses...

Let me see, Let me see.. What do i have lined up..?
School, work, giving tuition, and driving..
that sounds about right don't you think? :)