Saturday, December 29, 2007


Was talking to Jeannie about her ex and how breaking up has been hard on him.. and i realised when we are in similar positions we all need something to get over it..

Some people get angry with their partner and use that as a platform to detach themselves. Some use distractions like work or studying or someone else to move on from the old relationship. Longing is the most painful and most of us are guilty of having longed for someone or a past relationship.. This post is not meant to be a forceful answer to anything... but just a realization that we all need a little distraction here and there.. = )

i love distractions..

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I can imagine how all the blogs, e-mails and smses are littered with merry christmas messages.. now don't get me wrong, i'm no scrouge and i don't hate christmas. But for me personally, no holiday is complete without spending time with the family. It need not even be a special planned outing. Us lazing around the house watching the idle drabble they play on channel 5 on boxing day is good enough for me. But mom is in perth and Jie is overseas with he boyfriend and its just me and ken. Eh.. no biggie things are a little different but i'll live.
I had been meaning to update my blog since i got back from bangkok almost a week ago, but damn i was lazy. And its been an interesting week lemmie tell you that..

So lets start with a summary of bangkok.. Firstly, i haven't been there in a LONG time. The trip was pretty awesome. me and ken bought lots of booze and spent our nights sitting and sipping at our hotel balcony. Shopping was not bad, more girls stuff around though. The food was just awesome and chilling by the beach.. Heaven.. and me and ken mangaed to hit some clubs the day before coming back.. I LOVE BANGKOK clubs. Honestly 5 times better than ANYTHING you'll have in Singapore. No cover, Music is awesome, Drinks are cheap and Girls are Seriously smokin..! Gotta head back for the clubbing man..

So got back home and had Grandma's baptism on sunday. Man was it weird, the service was completly in cantonese! i managed to translate little snippets in my head, but on a whole i was like a lost sheep in a cantonese sermon. But it made my grandma happy and thats the bottom line right..?

So i Spent my X'mas eve cooking dinner and chilling at my usual wateringhole. Made Steak sarnies which were out of this world.Nice tender slives of steak in toasted gravy soaked cibatta bread with a mixed salad. Ken, Tris and I had a table at Acid bar tucked comfortably in the dark corner. And we met Susan and James and AL there, which was great. A 'little' vodka later, and some brandy, and a couple of beers, i go to check up on Vanessa, which was cool. Poor dear had a little too much to drink too quickly. And i made it back home at around 4.30 to have prata with tris at the shop nearby, before FINALLy crashing to sleep at 6 in the morning..

Wicked huh.. haha.. well..Thats the way it is and now, i am heading to bed..!