Thursday, October 29, 2009

I watch a lot of Tv, and a lot of my blog entries basically spur from hearing something insightful and relate able and letting my thoughts run due discourse down the cobbled path. Now that being said I
realize that my past few posts might have come off as overly.. how do I put this.. serious and somewhat angsty. Believe me, I don't like reading them much either, but that aside I think it is important I go back to posting about insightful enlightening things in hope that it brings a breath of welcoming uplifting fresh air to you, the reader.

What I've noticed is that the "unhappy" posts are really just the voices in my head going off and rambling about my gripes and whatnot. I want nothing more than to let you ponder the questions and make you feel empowered in the course of my posts. So there, Lets get back to posting hearty insightful, grounded posts. :)

Okay I don't think this is at ALL insightful but it might move you anyways. You know what I really miss about being with someone? I miss holding them to sleep (By them i mean ONE partner, not numerous) . For me, there is a wonderful feeling of security and warmth in holding someone and dreaming side-by-side, noses touching and sharing breaths. Having them gaze at you and smile while the Rhythmic heart beats and kisses on the forehead send them off to slumber before falling asleep myself.

That I miss..