Friday, November 10, 2006

Story Time...

Hey friends.. let me tell you a story..
hopefully i'll leave you touch, moved, inspired..
Or if i'm lucky.. all of the above.. = )
Here we go..

A man was walking along a path one day..
Not watching where he was going,
he Suddenly fell into a hole in the ground..
The hole was deep and the walls were steep..

Now along comes a doctor..
so the man shouts:
"Doc can you help me out of this hole!"

the doctor scribbles a prescription..
drops it in the hole.. and walks on by..

Then along comes a priest..
And the man shouts:
"Father can you Help me out!"

The Priest writes down a prayer..
and drops it in the hole..

Now a friend walks by..
And the man Shouts:
"Joe can you help me out of this hole!"

His friend says says nothing..
and jumps into the hole with him..

Now our dear friend is just as puzzled as you probably are now..
and he says:
" Joe Are you Crazy?! now we're BOTh stuck down here! What were you thinking!"
and joe says:
"i jumped down cuz i've been down this hole before, and i know the way out."

Friends.. They sure are something aren't they..
Even when ur down and out.. they go the extra mile for you..
lotsa love..

Monday, November 06, 2006

Hey It So bright and Sunny Eh~~??
The weather is warm and the Grass shines in the dew..
God.. Most of you are asking if i'm living in the same Singapore as you..

The weather.. What a Doozie.. if it ain't gloomy its humid and pouring..
certianly not joyful or anything of the sort.. but well.. i figure..
i don't need the weather to make me happy.. Lolx.

Oh.. yea.. 2 annoucements..!@#!@$$

i'll prolly be bringing in some Funkie crumpler bags from Hk..
Prices to be confirmed... BUT.. it'll definatly be ALOt cheaper than the boutique..
If ur interested tag ME~! n Tell ya friends yah..?

Number TOOo..
ME working at Rouge means i gotta do advertising for them..
lolx.. not reallie la.. but the manager of acid bar "olivia"
asked me if i had any firends who wanted to work there..?
need full time bartender and part time floor staff..
Anyone interested..??
as usual.. if u are tag me or sms me..

well pple.. i will end my entry with..
Have a good one.. it's aussie slang for have a good day..
God i love them aussies..

Have a good One..