Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Pillars of Life.

I'm just rounding up my revision and its 5am in the morning.
Morning people, i have been neglecting my blog because
honestlyother than work and exam stress, nothing significant
has occurred or come to me that i felt the compulsive need
to share about.

Today is the first time an a long while that i have actually
felt blue.I attribute it to simple causes of feeling inadequate
and being lost.And during a nice hot shower it dawned on
me. Men(i am using a general term here as it obviously
involves women too) need torecognize the pillars of life.
Love (relationships) Work (well work) Community
(Social Networks) and Activities (hobbies).These are the
pillars that are the basis for our emotional stronghold.
The trick part is being able to see and balance the weights
on each of them. Weigh too heavily on one aspect and
instability occurs. We cannot look at life through the tunnel
vision of a singular goal, thatonly serves to weaken our
foundation and eventually bring about a demise.

Something happened today that made me look at myself and
question my self worth.I noticed today how heavily i lean on
relationships as a form of self validation. It is a terrible thing.
Luckily someone was thereso shed some light and at the same
time be my wet blanket.

We are so much more if we do not label and quantify ourselves
by role we seek to achieve. All that does is belittle the possibilities
of future growth.

With that said, i need my beauty sleep and i have an exam tomorrow..