Thursday, February 08, 2007

hold on tight..

I have to tell myself not to break down..
it isn't right.. i have to be strong through it all..
i have to.. the consequence i know all too well..

i think.. i've done all i can.. but breakdowns are breakdowns..
its done.. and she's lost 'herself' in me..
i thought it was about rebirth.. a new person..
but i lost sight of the obvious.. she wants herself.. not a new self..

it isn't fair.. but nothing in life is..
she is right.. worlds apart..
old school and new school..
tugging in different directions..
learning comes from a non judgemental place..
traditionalism against libralism..
It was too hard to give up ideas where you stood..

i look back.. and see a mountain range..
many we've crossed.. dangerous and painful..
trudgging against the snow.. we fought cliff after cliff..
you've had enough.. and i'm ready to keep you warm..
with my own body..

eyes roll up.. the fight is lost against the cold..
and i died inside.. frozen tears from how i couldn't make a difference