Wednesday, January 31, 2007

THis Post is meant for myself and no one else..
Purely just to air my thoughts of no rhyme or direction..
That Jesus himself was a man with a vision..
one that stood for openess forgivness and love..
to never impose an idea..
but yet be heard across a world through such a magnitute of time and spaces..
that leaves me speechless..

He himself brought revolutionry concepts to man..
As one himself.. that altered the behaviour and action of billions..
that it is now physically impossible not to have ever been affected..

Never judge a man till you've walked a mile in his shoes..
That statement always seemed to put things in perspective..
but here's my spin on it..
this concept seems to pull to the physicality of things..

Here's my own take..
walking a day in his life might physically give you an insight to
what he is subjected to and obstacles in his life.. BUT
Its not so much a day in his or her life that would change your world..
Seeing the world through his eyes.. and the thought processes in his head..
the perceptions he has.. limitations and fears.. his whole life..
as he would see it..and coming back to yours..
now that's what alters a life..

a day in the mind of.. not the life of..