Sunday, May 29, 2005

God gave rock and roll to you..

God gave rock and roll to you..
gave rock and soul to you..
put it in your soul for you..
save rock and roll..

Knights.In.Satans.Service.(ie. KISS)

what a great song.. really embodies the spirit of rocking out.. just getting everything off your cheast.. if even for just a second.. *Pheeew*

Maybe its time to let go.. i guess there are somethings in life i just can't hold on to.. and i'm used to quitting when i'm winning.. i wonder what i'm doing sometimes.. will think about it over the week.. quitting...? Ugh.. that'll suck.. but maybe its for the best..? Sigh.. MAYBE.. i'll just walk away for now.. let it bob around in my head.. booking in to camp for the week.. maybe it'll all be over soon..