Thursday, October 21, 2004

So i'm back home this week..
well till sunday.. then i gotta book in again..
so noticed i haven't posted in ages.. thought i would..
so ocs.. well.. still don't like the place much..
don't like the instructors.. the rules or anything..
personally.. i'm not totally comfortable with the pple either..
but as usual.. nothin i can do but put up with it..

Right.. so i shaln't brood over army.. = )
being at home today was.. weird..
the peace of mind is insane.. feels really good..
not having to run on a timetable..
getting to do what i wanna do insted of having to live up
to my instructors expectations all the time..
so many times i wonder if its really worth it..
everybody says.. "Oh.. OCS.. wow.."
They have no idea.. Golf Wing is just tough..
Looking at my platoon mates..
i see how much sweat and heart they put in..
and we've JUST got to pro term..
it makes me wonder.. pro term is meant to be touhger..
how am i gonna make it..? Honestly..
just gotta suck it up.. take what they give u..
right wrong.. good bad.. u just take it.. know what i mean..?

Haha.. i seems all i CAN talk about is army..
i apologise.. so i skated today.. haven't skated in ages..
watched the 411 skate vid just before going down..
so i was pretty psyched..
didn't land a k-grind todae as i intended to..
but i landed a sweet 5-0..
learnt fakie bigspin in a day..
some kick and heel flips..
almost got 1 noseslide..
basically had fun just crusing arnd..
goofing off with mike and sam..

Went to chinablack last night..
it was.. AHEm.. eventful.. grin..
had some drinks.. danced a lil..
met some old marist pals..
some girls.. haha..
but suprisingly i left real early..
anyway.. gonna go play sum guitar..
rock on everyone..