Wednesday, December 14, 2005

OwiE~... Shourt 1 drum..

let me tell you a story...
My Ear Hurts~!
actually its been hurting all yesterday..
and guess what..! its my ear drum bulging..
cuz of built up pressure or smth..
visited my family doctor..
he gave me medicine and i booked in to camp..

did sum stuff and dozed offff...
and at like 3 in the morning i felt my ear was wet..
Yuppp... my eardrum burst..
so i went to see my unit mo and he was kinda freaked at
how much blood was in my ear...
so he sent me to see a specialist at CGH..
and they gave me a good hard painful ear cleaning..
and stuffed a cotton thingie in..
that hurt too by the way...

and now i'm home for 3 daes...
well hopefully it'll recover in a week..