Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sick.. it makes me..

Another weekend.. back from my SUNNY Island..
Life there is Really killing me..
Got sick this weekend.. WAS sick during the week..
headaches and fever plaguing me through the days..
Mild Bronchitis.. ugh.. medicine keeps me drowsy..
Dr Chia hasn't seen me in 5 years and he says i'm the same..
but this aside.. i just can't help but feel something's amiss..

out of alignment.. then again.. can't help but feel its just me..
has life gotten less exciting..?
Must be that i'm more work and less play these days
hardly skate.. or climb.. or club..
life has gotten abit dull hasn't it..

And i miss the old days.. just skating after school...
Or even ocs days.. when we all were trainees..
things were new and fresh..
Now it seems.. life revolves around work..
and not just 2 dimensional revolves...
i'm talking 360 Deg.. ALL round kinda revolves..

Leaves me.. well tired.. mmm yes..
time for medicine.. sleep...
i miss you all... sweet dreams..