Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A light of the world..

Noticed i've been posting quite often recently..
Its good i finally got my tongue back.. I'll have my SAY..
Didn't get ANY work done today even though i knew i should have..
but for the first time in ages i finally feel fully unwound..
Watched Tv for about an hour after reaching home at 6.30pm..
Checked my e-mails.. More tv and then a Chicken Rice Dinner..

And for some strange reason i felt compelled to rock out..
Dusted her off and did simple scaling.. re-introducing my fingers to the fretboard..
and messing with my effects pedal.. really got into the melodies and free-playing..
And i remembered! the albums i wanted finished downloading..!
So.. 'A Beautiful Lie' by 30 seconds to Mars
and 'Take to the skies' by Enter Shikari..
after a good listen i actually sat down and
like made up lyrics and chords to a song..
well half a song.. but it came so easily..

Music beats my heart.. and elates my soul..
A light of the world..

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Beautiful Lie..

Today's post revolves around 'self'..
About not projecting in the eyes of others..
Looking and accepting the person in the mirror..
And in all realizing truth..

The last couple of days haven't been good to me..
Things happening at home and at work that
well have really just worn me out..
i'm not going to go into details..
but In reflection i see this..

People.. guys and girls.. all live by their own mantra..
It could be being a perfectionist.. overly lazy..
being truthful, or scum, looking pretty or having to stand out..
We all have it and hold it close to us..
Is it right to blame someone for who they are..?
Whatever life experiences that caused what is..
they had no control over.. The non-enlightened so to speak..

I have been getting irritated at people at work and at home..
for things they did being who they were..
and its been weighing me down.. and causing grief..
So i give up all those feelings.. and move on.. = )

Such is life that everyone has such different moral stands
on right and wrong.. truth and fallacy..
and though you might not agree with
what someone else does or believes in..
if they can look at themselves in the mirror with integrity..
All the critism in the world doesn't matter..

Can you look at yourself in the mirror..
be whole hearted and contented..
that you stand for what you stand for..?

= )