Thursday, December 29, 2005

OH Happy Days..

Its about 0130 Hrs in the morning..
and i just got home stinky and soggy..
No.. i didn't go clubbing Or swimming..
i just got back from 7 SIB range..
which fyi, i am NOt a part of..
Mmmm.. why then was i there..?
arrowed to be the neutral umpire.. THATs why..
Ugh.. so god damn tired..
on top of that.. it didn't help that i needed to take a cab back..
my poor wallet god bless her soul..
and my cab driver who strangly decided to only converse in fujian..
all i could do was nod my head like i was having a seizure..
you think thats bad..?
he was going 115km\hron the expressway..
and i SWEAR i caught him nod off once or twice..
Very VERY comforting..
I am tired.. merry X'mas everyone..
to all my friends, thank you for putting
up with me and my nonsense.. for yet another year..
god bless you guys..