Friday, August 04, 2006


As the rope tightens.. it bites into my skin..
from a height a drop into the water..
the red spirals.. lingers like a dance..

thicker than water.. why so forlorn..
ignoring the streams.. of tears and blood..
as he looks for a light in this darkness..

he is blind.. a shroud cast over his eyes..
never meant to see.. a world that plagues him..
his chance at life.. hindered from the start..

if only he could see..
if only.. he could see...

Let me Be perfectly honest and vunerable here..
i have been feeling lousy.. i was just outside my place..
sipping a cup of coffee.. and being really worried..
letting the cool breeze bush my skin..

you know.. alot of the time..
i feel like the guy who wears the dunce hat in the corner of class..
i'm so scared of life..
that i will not make it.. that maybe i'm the idiot..
sheesh.. it kills me.. that i see that i may never be
the man i want to be..
is the thought of dying so wrong..?

put aside everyone else for a moment..
i do set my expectations for myself high..
if i could cry i would.. maybe i am biting much more than i can handle..
i should just be a farmboy in the country..

a feel so.. ashamed that i might be letting myself down..
smile for the camera.. and cry when no one is looking..

Thursday, August 03, 2006


I like PIE.. do you..? Its like an Eternal Good..
Hmm.. its simple.. fruit in pastry.. or meat..
whatever it is.. Eternal good..
Now i KNOW what you are thinking..
and i am NOT DRUNK...

Its Simple..
i meant to lead up to something influencial..

let me see.. well....hmmm..
Okay.. here it is.. Life isn't simple..
i wonder if everyone goes through their fair share of hardships..
some people make pie.. others eat it.. and well..
the majority.. make AND eat thier own pie..

I really wish it WAS all as simple as pie..
i mean.. life ain't really what its cracked up to be innit..?
i guess we all have our struggles..
i want it SO bad.. but its like the cards just aren't lookin my way..
you know those people who just seem to get whatever they want..
like it was all too easy..

for once... just once.. i want something To fall my way..
i feel like i had to fight for everything..
to prove i deserved it..
with my siblings..
with school..

alas.. blessed be those who lead charmed lives..
PIe.. its all about the pie..

Monday, July 31, 2006


What can i say.. and excuse my french.. what a mothaf***ing nightmare..
Easily one of my WORST clubbing experiences..~ it was wayyy too HOT~..
Too crowded.. and The Drinks took 30 Mins.. the crowd was WAyy young..
Let me make it a point never to go there again..

take me somewhere the crowd is older and drinks come easier..