Friday, July 21, 2006

I feel so.. Tiny.. Teenie tiny..~

You guys are Right..! i HAVE lost a tonne of weight..
Wow.. better start exercising more.. = )

i Mean seriously look at me.. Ghandi had more meat
on his bones~..! any more of this and
i might shrivel like a prune...
In Singapore terms.. i'll look like a SEng Bui ..
= )..

My Dear friends.. i feel all warm and fluffy..
~..:: HUGS for EVERYONE ::..~
Be happy.. live life..

Thats all from an overly giddy Guy..
Loads of love~..

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hey All..

I know recently i've been on an emotional roller coaster..
The Low Low LOWs... and High Highs..
I think I've grown.. Ugh.. here's the thing..
GROWING HURTS..It takes adversity to really shake you up..
But i've never been clearer.. happier.. more Free..
i've gotta say.. its a change..

Now its like.. succeeding.. is not an OPTION..
Its a Must.. i'll do whatever it takes..
WITHOUT having to kill someone.. hahax..
we still gotta laugh right..?

Lets do this~

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I wish i knew..

Just Got back from BAYBEATS..
It was pretty good.. a couple of good bands..
managed to lift my spirits a little..

I'm having a frightful headache..
I feel saddened... a little mad..
the voice of reason in my head is screaming...
i wouldn't stand for this.. i shouldn't..

I wonder if the EINSTEIN's law of equal and opposite reaction apply..
you know.. every action results in an equal and opposite reaction..
i feel like i'm slowly losing grip..
i definatly won't deny the lingering why bothers..
i am simple.. maybe too simple..

looks like some things in life are more worthwhile
than others.. love... me..