Thursday, May 04, 2006

Look 4 Lost ?

ASk my Mates N they'll tell you..
i've given my fair share of Advices..
given a shoulder.. helping hand.. listening ear.. watchful eye..

its Been the longest time.. but tonight...
i felt lost.. and alone... i'm not a manic deprssent..
making something out of nothing...
how many of you know me... things i'm scared of..
the real not full of bullshit me...
look at the pictures.. paints a pretty picture dun it..
i'm beginning to contemplate...

i wish u knew me... really i do.. all of you..
i can only blame myself.. creating a skin...
painting a picture.. not that i'm about to open to everyone..anyone..

its complicated..
Tonight i felt alone... was alone..
no one to understand.. guide me...
scold me.. bring me to my knees..
and slap some fuck sense into my life..

where were you..
left so long ago.. if u were here..
things wouldn't have turned out this way..
9 years... how pathetic..
you'd know what to do.. you always do..

cross roads.. and i'm jammed in the middle..
wish i had your hand on my shoulder..
comforting me and pointing the way..
an assuring smile would give me strength..